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Société Immobilière Jean E. Martineau Inc.


Property Management Services

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We provide a comprehensive package of property and facilities management and leasing services for commercial, industrial, office and residential properties as well as for real estate portfolios.
- Tenant Services :

  • coordination of tenant services;
  • invoicing and collection of rents and other charges;
  • management of central building control systems;
  • special telephone services dedicated to tenants;
  • emergency procedures administered by trained personnel;
  • mobile maintenance units available for urgent repairs.

Our objective is to ensure efficient operations, secure  tenant's satisfaction and improve the asset's value.

By providing quality management, excellent communication channels and rewarding tenant retention programs, we secure the tenant's satisfaction.

Securing the tenant's satisfaction is an imperative for the growth of the real estate asset.

- Cost Control :
  • expense control and invoice processing;
  • management of personnel and operations;
  • bid and contract management;
  • planning and implementation of preventive maintenance programs;
  • coordination of periodic inspections;
  • subcontracting when needed.
- Activity Coordination :
  • coordination of leasing activities;
  • coordination of renovation and construction jobs;
  • assistance during the acquisition and/or sale.
- Administrative Services :

Sample Report

  • complete accounting and bookkeeping;
  • lease administration and management of documents;
  • management plans and budgeting;
  • valuation and performance analysis;
  • comparative analysis and statistics;
  • coordination of audits and preparation of 13th adjustments;
  • monthly and quarterly reporting.

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